Tuesday, March 20, 2012


While I was hibernating (being lazy like sleep, eat, and sleep) for two long weeks I suddenly realize why not use my time writing a blog, make my blog as a public diary so that all of you can read. Plus, I love to travel as long as I have the time and money, by writing a blog I can share to you my experience and also to help you where to go and what to do during your travel. Another thing I like to do is visiting trendy and new restaurants in town, I can tell you if the food is good or not, if the place is sanitary or if they have a good customer relationship. You are in a vacation; why not make it a very relaxing and a non-stressing one. Statistic says almost the entire tourist is stressed out on looking into where to stay and to eat during their vacation. By doing this blog, I can help you enjoy and relax by giving you a list of places to stay and eat. Hope you like it and enjoy reading my blog J

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